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Failed back surgery syndrome - also known as failed back syndrome (FBS), refers to the pain that persists in the back and or the lower extremities after spinal surgeries.

Our e-book is providing you with basic knowledge and other information you should know about failed back syndrome.

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What Are Possible Treatment Options For Failed Back Syndrome?

Before seeking medical treatment, it is good to understand and define the types of back pain so as to find the right treatment and ways to control and improve our condition. 

Apteum Spine offers a wide variety of treatment options for patients with Failed Back Syndrome.

How Do I Seek Treatment For Failed Back Syndrome?

You'll be offered a tailored treatment approach drawn from the full range of treatment options, including medication, physical therapy, and interventional pain management or surgery.

We make sure to find the root cause of your pain before any treatment path is given. Take the first step with a complimentary consultation.

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