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Apteum Spine is determined to improve the quality of life for all neck and back pain patients.  We promise to treat every patient with the same attention, care, and respect we demand.

We offer comprehensive services at various locations in New Jersey, New York (Queens), and Long Island.  Apteum Spine’s comprehensive program treats spine and musculoskeletal pain disorders to deliver the finest quality care in a friendly and warm environment.


Our mission is to provide spine pain patients with the best possible care by: 1) aggregating and analyzing existing relevant medical data, 2) employing technologies that connect and inform all of the patient’s spine care providers regardless of their geography, specialty  or institution to achieve a virtual care team empowered to achieve remedies where previously none could be found and 3) by defining success as improved quality of life above all other measures.


A world where everyone has the best possible medical care
that science can offer regardless of geography, social status, creed or race.

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